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Hi Bougie Boozy Family,

Located in Downtown Carrollton, Texas, Bougie Boozy Bears creates gourmet gummy bears for our clients’ weddings and special events. Our team makes customized gummy bears from scratch using high-quality types of liquor. Our bears are never soaked! These alcoholic sweet treats can be shared throughout your celebration or given in a mini bag as a cherished party favor. We hope you enjoy Bougie Boozy Bears as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.


Services Offered


While browsing through Bougie Boozy Bears' online collection, you will discover over 30+ different flavors to choose from. You choose your variety of flavors from our team’s long list of premium liquors, wine, and more. Your mini treats come in a plethora of different themed molds for weddings, birthday parties, showers, anniversaries, and other special occasions. For further convenience, all of your gummy bears are shipped to your location within the US or we can meet with you locally for a pick up order. Other products include Bougie Boozy Bears apparel. 


Care & Maintenance


Bougie Boozy Bears are a soft set confection. Most clients prefer to keep them on the cooler side. Treat them as you would chocolate. 


Our bears are made with no preservatives and have a shelf life of about six weeks. I can assure you that they never last that more then six hours once you get your first taste.


Click the Shopping Cart and happy shopping.


Please "EAT" Responsibly!





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