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You're in the right place. Here at Bougie Boozy Bears, we compiled a list of your most frequently asked questions to ensure you're always in the know. 

If the FAQ page doesn't quite satisfy your curiosity, don't worry, just click the Contact Us chat button for more help.

~ Keep it Bougie!

What are the gummy Ingredients?

Alcoholic Beverage, Distilled Alcohol (Bourbon, Brandy, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Whiskey) 90 Proof Triple SEC, Beef Gelatin, Water, Sugar, Salt, Red #40, Yellow #5, Blue #1

Where can I take Bougie Boozy Bears?

On a Cruise, on Airplane, on a train, in your carry-on, to a party, even Internationally!

Should I freeze my gummies?

Gummies are made to be consumed at room temperature and can be stored in the refrigerator.

Please DO NOT FREEZE gummies.

Do you variety or mixed flavor packs?

We do no have variety or mixed flavor packs.

How long does it take to Ship?

When placing an order with Bougie Bears, please be aware that each order requires a processing and delivery time of 5 to 7 business days.

When do you ship?

To ensure the quality and integrity of our Bougie Bears during transportation, we have chosen to limit our shipping schedule from Mondays thru Thursday.

Do you offer delivery or pickup?

Customers can choose to pick up from the shop OR use local delivery of select products through the Local Delivery page with GRUBHUB & DOORDASH.

Local distance  radius with 8 miles of 1414 S Broadway St. 3105 Carrollton, Texas 75006.

What else do you sell in the shop?

Bougie Boozy Bears offers chocolate concoctions IN STORE that are also made with alcohol.

Can I visit the store to purchase products, or do I have to pre-order?

The storefront is always fully stocked with products. If you are requesting to purchase a large quantity of products, please give us a call directly.

What is a Bougie Boozy Bear?

Bougie Boozy Bear is a hand-crafted, soft-set, alcohol gummy confection. First, it’s chewy like a traditional gummy, then it melts like milk chocolate, then it turns into a drink.

How many gummies does it take to feel the affects of the alcohol?

It takes about 17 regular bears and/or 3-4 big bites to equal 1 mixed drink.

Do your Gummies contain real alcohol?

Yes, our gummies are created with top-shelves premium alcohol.

Do all of your Products contain alcohol?

Yes, all Bougie Boozy Bear products contain alcohol.

Where do you ship?

We ship to all States execept Hawaii & Alaska.

Do you ship to APO addresses?

We currently do not ship to APO addresses overseas. We are working on international shipping.

Are you a franchise?

We are not a franchise. We are a small mom-and-mom shop consisting of three generations of four ladies.

How long have you been in business?

Bougie Boozy Bears has been in business for 3+ years.

What is a Bougie Boozy Bar?

The Bougie Boozy Bars are large alcohol gummies shaped like a popsicle. Each bar has 4.5 mixed drinks with an alcohol proof of 100.

Do you cater for companies/large events?

Yes, we do. For more information check out our Catering. 

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