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Bougie Menu

Adult Treats

Our Adult Alcohol treats are made in house.

Bougie Bars

A balance of tart and sweet flavors, with ith 4.5 drinks in each bar.



Crossbreed Lazy Lemonade Shooter

Nano-infused THC Shooters
Gluten Free
1.5 MG Hemp D9


Crossbreed Lazy Lemonade

Nano-infused THC Beverage
Gluten Free
10 MG Hemp D9


Gift Bag

Gift Bags for Holidays

Bougie Boozy Valentines Bag

Valentine’s Decorative Bag
Porcelain Mug
Stuffed Animal
Valentine Card
Boozy Cocoa Bomb
Boozy Bakepop
Salted Caramel Bourbon Whiskey Turtle
Chocolate Covered Marshmallow
1 Fresh Rose
Bougie Boozy Bloom or Heart & Arrow
Sherry Bomb
1 Can of our new Crossbreed Lazy Lemonade


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